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Social responsibility

The Riosulense develops its business based on values that guide all decision-making enterprise. Values such as agility, flexibility and sustainability, respect and transparency reflect how the company applies its efforts to grow with social responsibility. Conscious of our social role, develop projects in the areas of education, culture, health promotion, environmental protection and respect for diversity in order to benefit our employees, our partners and the local community.

Blood donation mobilizes commercial department Riosulense

The Commercial Department of Riosulense held on 29 May, I Blood Donation Campaign, with the "A great warrior gives his life to save the next, is a warrior ... DONATE BLOOD"

The event - which involved teams from Marketing, Sales, After Sales and Purchases, benefited from the blood bank that supplies the patients in the Hospital Regional High Vale do Itajai and other healthcare institutions associated with Hemosc.

The initiative materialized Riosulense some of the values??, which guide the employees in the workplace, as well as personal: perseverance, commitment and partnership.

Education as an access to social integration

The education is the most valuable good that any person may have. It is the base for the intellectual capital, competitive assets of the professionals and companies that can attract and retain those professionals. To contribute to the youth's technical formation who are about to enter the labor market, Riosulense implanted in 2011 the Young Trainee Program, accomplished in partnership with SENAI.

The Program has the objective of qualifying young people at the age of 16 and 17 to accomplish activities in the metallurgical industry. Yearly, Riosulense opens vacancies for the Program, which is open to the community, priorising the company collaborator's dependents. The participants take classes of Industrial Mechanics Learning in the morning. In the afternoon, they accomplish activities in the facilities of Riosulense in several sectors. Besides studying for free, the participants receive a salary equivalent to a trainee position.

The Metalúrgica Riosulense Educational Center is another initiative that, in partnership with SESI, offers education to the collaborators and dependents older than 18 in a proper space with all tools of a conventional school and in alternative schedules. Incentives are also given to the ones who look for technical and superior improvement.

The project “Book in the Company” adds to this permanent search for the development of everyone. An agreement with the Cultural Foundation of Rio do Sul grants access to the city library to collaborators. The city library comes to the company to bring titles of all kinds to the three shifts of the company.

The Maria José community house benefits the community with courses for professional training to women of all ages. Created by the Riosulense’s Chairman wife, it offers courses in seaming, painting, crochet, macramê and cookery to more than 70 women and young people of the community.

The same happens regarding actions of social promotion. Riosulense refurbished and restored the old train station of Barra do Trombudo and transformed it in a Cultural Center that offers cultural activities and integration for the neighborhood where the plant is located.

Another initiative was the construction, in partnership with SESI, of a Library located in the Avenida Jorge Lacerda in the neighborhood Budag, The Cultural Foundation of the city is responsible for the maintenance and service of the space that offers free service to the community such as: access to the internet, newspaper archive, videos, literature, reference works, newspapers and magazines.

Riosulense defends that when you value the cultural aspects of an area you rescue the self-esteem, collective perception and its inhabitant's artistic sensibility. It motivates the citizenship and people's development as a whole.

Inclusion and Diversity

Riosulense believes that the diversity is stimulating and positive for the business. That is why, it maintains a Diversity Management Program, implanted in partnership with SESI and managed by a committee of collaborators, with the objective to implant the necessary improvement processes for the inclusion of people with special needs.

Environmental conscience

The Riosulense develops several environmental education and encouraging the preservation of the environment. An example is the agreement that the company has with Apremavi (Association for the Preservation of the Environment and Life), which promotes the reforestation of the area with native species. The company owns stations, water treatment and industrial waste, which makes it as a firm friend of the Environment. In addition, sponsoring projects that raise awareness among the community about the issue of environmental liability.


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