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Quality & Environment

The environmental management system (ISO 14000) of Riosulense is in implantation process. The company has a team dedicated to the adaptation of the processes to the applicable requirements of the standard.

It is also important to point out that the company has 18 hectares of forest, which has several sources of pure and crystalline water. Preserving those sources is a commitment that the company has with the whole community of Rio do Sul. Besides that, the company planted several species of native trees in this area, as the Araucaria (Brazilian pine), which is deemed to extinction in the area.

Selective Collection

The Selective Collection is a practice of respect to the environment, because many residues that we produce can be reused or recycled. That´s why Riosulense stimulates the separation of residues among its collaborators. Everybody is trained on which types of residues are produced in Riosulense and the correct form of discard them. Trash cans with different colors and identified with the residue type that should be deposited in each one are distributed to all facilities of the company.

Water Treatment Station (ETA)

Drinking water reception process at ETA begins with the flow of the water surplus of four water bodies located in the upper areas of the ground, being four lagoons that flow into a stream. The water that leaves these water bodies flows through natural gravity process and is stored in the located water body at the left of ETA.

The treatment process applied at ETA is a conventional type and its production capacity is 50m³/h, and the daily average consumption in the company is 100m³.

It was installed in ETA a solar water heating system used in one of the sinks of the chemistry house. Those "heaters" were made of recycled material. .

Effluents Treatment Station (ETE)

The Effluents Treatment Station (ETE) is composed by a treatment system of residual water, industrial or sanitary originated, through physical-chemical and biological processes.

The whole effluent generated in the production processes, possible to recover, as well as the effluents coming from sinks, toilets and kitchens are received in ETE.

After the treatment, part of the treated effluent is reused in the water cooling of the induction ovens refrigeration towers.

Commemorative plantation

Plantio comemorativo 2010 Plantio comemorativo 2008-2009 Plantio comemorativo 2006-2007 Plantio comemorativo 2004-2005 Plantio comemorativo 2002-2003 Have you ever imagined celebrating your anniversary as an employee by planting a tree? That is the proposal of Riosulense for the collaborators that complete 5, 10, 15, 20 years or more in the company. The plantation happens every year, in the Week of the Tree, at a space called Arboreto. The objective of that practice is to disseminate the conscience of environmental preservation. The company also invites partners such as customers and entities to adopt that attitude.


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