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Riosulense Technical lectures

Riosulense has been focusing its actions on the development of the automotive repair market and has a priority in the improvement of the communication strategies with the final appliers of its products.

To talk about its innovations and releases of new product lines and items, Riosulense invests in its already traditional calendar of technical lectures to improve the relationship with customers and final appliers.

Tips about new technologies and the dissemination of the technical tips are the focus of those periodic meetings with professionals who act in rebuilding shops and mechanical shops and need to modernize their concepts and practices to keep up-to-date with the development of the automotive industry and the repair sector.

With those lectures Riosulense guarantees that those professionals improve their knowledge and qualify their jobs, which add value and assure the customer's loyalty.


Training and Technical Support

Riosulense constantly tries to align processes and procedures around expectations, satisfaction and need of the users and, at the same time, works on the values for technical improvement of our products.

Visits to the customers, technical / commercial lectures to our final appliers, and a channel of technical relationship (0800 644 9988) focused on assembling orientation and support are part of our strategies.


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